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Anke Van Mullem!

Health coach

Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach (student)


Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching

Under Layla Martin I am currently pursuing my Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach certification. She is the founder of the VITA™ Method, which stands for: “The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach.” This training excist of 650 hours... And in her own words it's the most advanced and in-depth coaching certification available for sex, love, and relationships in the world.

Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching

What do you long for?

Do you long for a legendary love life that is empowering? Sex you thought was never possible, read 'mind blowing'? A lasting relationship where passion and romance are central? Do you yearn for general self-development where you take your sexuality into your own hands? Or do you desire more happiness, passion, connection and intimacy in your life and relationships? Then you have come to the right place.

Anke Van Mullem

Effective tools

Thanks to the VITA™ Method, I am able to guide you with effective tools that lead to a deep transformation. Through these specific techniques, I support you in transforming your body, mind and emotions to release trauma, limiting beliefs and sexual blockages. Think of childhood wounds, broken hearts, certain fears, unconscious patterns, and so on. Through this method, we can restore or update sexual health, erotic desires, self-love, passionate relationships, and so much more.

Exciting subjects

In total, there are 10 sessions that form a whole. Mapping your specific desire. Transforming limiting belief systems and unconscious objections. Liberating the family dynamic by understanding the family legacy and ancestral issues. Embracing the inner child by looking into how it affects your patterns. Getting what you desire by creating real worthiness and deservingness. Finding emotional empowerment by rewiring your relationship to emotions. Healthy and fabulous relationships by understanding projections. And so much more!

Are you ready for a liberating sex and love life, and/or lasting relationships that bring growth? Don't wait and contact me with all your questions and desires!

Practical info

Where and how?

A session generally lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. These sessions are orginally designed to be followed online via Zoom in the comfort of your own home. Important with online coaching is that you provide a quiet room where you can have the session undisturbed. It is also possible to receive live coaching in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.


Always by appointment. In general there is the possibility to weekdays in the evening; on Fridays this is also possible throughout the day. On request sessions are available in the weekend.


The price is adjusted to your financial possibilities and I am happy to discuss this with you in an informal meeting. A payment plan is also available. Since I am still in the process of completing my certification, my prices are currently lower. So grab your chance now!
Would you like more information? Please write me a message via Facebook, the contact form or via

Anke Van Mullem

Are you not quite sure yet and would you like more non-binding information? Ask me all your questions and/or share your reservations via the contact form or via On request we can also schedule an online meeting to get a better feel for each other and see how I can help you. Then I can tell you more specifically about the possibilities and make a proposal on how we can work together.