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Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Health: what is it?

Health is a broad concept: it includes physical, mental and social well-being. Besides a balanced diet and sufficient exercise, many factors contribute to your general health: your work-life balance, a natural sleep pattern, fulfilling social contacts, sexual health (also see my Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching; these focus much deeper on this theme), and so much more.

Lasting change

The key to lasting behavioural change is low-threshold adjustments. These adjustments can easily be applied in your daily life. Instead of changing your entire lifestyle, I take small steps with you that ultimately make a big difference.
A second factor that is important is a listening ear. My experience tells me that being heard is "oh" so important. I do this through in-depth questions, and specific techniques I have learned throughout my trainings.

Sustainable coaching

Based on a holistic view of your health, I will work to coach you towards a healthier lifestyle. As a coach, I help you learn. This is not meant in the sense of teaching, but rather learning by inspiring and supporting. Because ultimately everyone can live healthier with the right support and knowledge!

Positive self-perception

During our sessions it is especially important that you gain an optimal self-insight, independent of what I as a coach or others around you think. With a listening ear and through observation, I tune each session to your wishes. Positive psychology is central here. The emphasis is therefore not on what you cannot do, but on what you can do and the possibilities that this brings.

Practical info

Where and how?

The most common is live coaching in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. It is also possible to follow a coaching online via Zoom. For online coaching it is recommended to provide a quiet room where you can have the session undisturbed.

Anke Van Mullem


Always by appointment. In general there is the possibility to weekdays in the evening; on Fridays this is also possible throughout the day. On request sessions are available in the weekend.


A session generally lasts 60 minutes. For one session you pay 50 euros. For 3 sessions you pay 145 euro (save 5 euro); for 6 sessions you pay only 280 euro (save 20 euro). I also offer follow-up sessions of 30 minutes for 25 euros. For private individuals, all prices include VAT.

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Not quite sure yet and would you like more non-binding information? Ask me all your questions and/or share your reservations via the contact form or via On request we can also schedule an online meeting to get a better feel for each other and see how I can help you. Then I can tell you more specifically about the possibilities and make a proposal on how we can work together.