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Bodywork: what is it?

“Bodywork” in alternative medicine is any therapeutic or personal development technique that involves working with the human body in a form of manipulative therapy, breathing, or energy. I have several types of bodywork that I like to use, namely a process that helps release blockages, patterns, traumas and beliefs that disconnect you from yourself, and a technique that allows you to really land in your body. In other words, bodywork for me is about connecting with yourself (on a deeper level).


Energy are vibrations and frequencies, which we can control and/or influence. Working with body energy is going to activate the blocked energy in the body, through which the unconscious memory of the body can open up. This means that the body can start reacting a moving involuntarily as a result of activating the cellular memory. You may also experience emotions and memories coming to the surface. The aim of energetic work can be summarised as letting go of embracing these physical reactions.


This is a way of releasing blockages, trapped energy, emotions and tension from the body – also called armour. It is a tension and/or pain that the body holds when something has been experienced that activated the nervous system in a way that was not processed. One of the methods I use is soft-touch de-armouring. The intention is to bring loving attention to areas of tension, numbness and disconnection with ourselves and/or our bodies. It is important that we do not break through the armour of the body with violence, but rather invite the body to open itself. This can also include sexual de-armouring; this is very effective for people with sexual trauma, disorders or lack of sensitivity.

Working with a Sarong

This is a technique where we will work with the body using a Sarong. The goal is to land in our body. To use Juli Pohan's words, "Working with a Sarong is a gentle, nourishing and soothing technique." From stretching the body to shaking, "bio-hacking" the nervous system and bringing the body to life, but also, above all, surrender and relaxation. For me, it represents getting out of your head, and really land in your body. One of the techniques that can be used in this is inspired by the Closing the Bones ritual; enormously healing for closing a chapter, for example, emotionally and/or energetically.

Practical info

Where and how?

It is only possible to receive live coaching in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. This can also be done at home on request. It is important to provide a quiet space where we can hold our session undisturbed. An extra cost will be charged for this, namely 5 euros plus a kilometer allowance of € 0.42/km (revised on Jul/'22).


I often use bodywork as an extension and complement to my other coaching sessions. Exceptionally, I give individual bodywork sessions. These sessions are always by appointment. In general there is the possibility to weekdays in the evening; on Fridays this is also possible throughout the day. On request sessions are available in the weekend.

Anke Van Mullem


A session lasts about 90 minutes. For a course of 6 sessions sessions you pay only 666 euros at the moment. A payment plan is available. Exceptionally one test session can be arranged after making an appointment. For private individuals, all prices include VAT.

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Not quite sure yet and would you like more non-binding information? Ask me all your questions and/or share your reservations via the contact form or via On request we can also schedule an online meeting to get a better feel for each other and see how I can help you. Then I can tell you more specifically about the possibilities and make a proposal on how we can work together.

Anke Van Mullem